LCDR Paul Francis US Navy Pilot – WWII, Korea, Vietnam

I had the pleasure of meeting Navy, LCDR Paul Francis at the CVMF site yesterday with Don and Lynda Campbell. Don and Lynda are great supporters of the CVMF Memorial and they also sponsored a brick for Lt. Commander Francis.  LCDR Francis served in three conflicts as noted above, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.  He was also a flight instructor during that time.  He was trained to fly thirty five (35) different air craft and served as an instructor for each.  He also flew several missions with each plane depending on what the plane was designed for, whether it be troop transit, or combat missions.

This Ninety Five year old Veteran is a real gentleman and treasure with quite a distinguished career.  It was a great honor to meet him. Thanks to Don and Lynda Campbell for the introduction. He’s the gentleman in the middle with Don and Lynda.   Thanks again to Don and Lynda for this introduction and thank you Sir for your distinguished service to this country.

Lt. Commander Paul Francis
LCDR Paul Francis US Navy Pilot - WWII, Korea, Vietnam

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jamesf733 —

What a fine gentleman and a pleasure to meet. This is one of those WWIII Vets (men and women) that made a big difference in preserving the Democracy that we live in. They helped in no small way to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution, the foundation upon which we all live and exist. Thank you Sir and all of you WWII Vets, both living and deceased for your service.

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